Raoni Monteiro Suspended for Using Performance Enhancing Drugs (sarms) in Billabong Pipe Master

Late in the morning last Friday, May eight, the WSL posted a news release to their site saying that Brazilian surfer Raoni Monteiro was suspended for twenty weeks after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs that usually raise testosterone, much more commonly called PEDs or LGD 4033.

Based on the press release, that has flown under the surf world’s radar in the past 5 times, Monteiro tested positive while fighting at the Billabong Pipe Masters in December of season that is last. Monteiro is suspended after dec. 12 and has long been banned from fighting in virtually any WSL incidents until August of ’16. The WSL examinations surfers for PEDs at random during the entire season.

The press release stated Monteiro’s usage of PEDs was unintentional which he’s been completely cooperative in the investigation. “Subsequent investigations by the WSL Discipline Director received complete cooperation from Monteiro plus his representatives,” published the WSL. “The searching, inclusive of debate with the athlete, discovered that while the utilization of a Prohibited Substance was’ unintentional’ as well as recommended by a physician, Monteiro nevertheless violated the WSL Anti Doping Policy.”

“I made an insightful mistake,” Monteiro stated, “but you will find rules to watch and I smashed them. I’m looking ahead to working hard with time from competition, returning to my best and fighting once again next year.” It must be mentioned that at the realization of previous year’s Tour, Raoni didn’t requalify for the’ CT.

The WSL is prohibited from commenting on the actual compound that Monteiro had utilized. When asked the reason they waited 5 months to announce the suspension, the WSL’s Dave Prodan stated, “as it’s a major situation, the good test calls for a thorough exploration with the chance to react on their [Monteiro’s] end.”

Monteiro is not the very first expert surfer to test positive for PEDs. In 2005, Neco Padaratz was suspended from fighting in ASP occasions after he tested positive for anabolic steroids. Padaratz contended at time that the steroid he tested positive for was treating a regular back injury.

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