Make Traveling with Kids Easier by Following These Important Tips

Traveling on your own is exciting, but traveling with your kids can be troublesome sometimes. However, don’t let adulthood and family stop you from enjoying your adventures. Here are a few tips down below to help you cope up with your kids while traveling.

  • Traveling Tip #1: With Babies

  • Traveling with an infant is indeed the best time to travel. They are small, portable, and got nothing to do but sleep all day long, which gives you a chance to plan a vacation with you in mind instead of planning out a “child-friendly” vacation. It may depend on your baby’s temperament though. If you have a colicky baby, then you’ll have to wait until he/she gets old enough to travel.
  • Don’t be afraid to let out a little bit of cash from your wallet by flying your baby as a lap child. Holding a baby on your lap for an hour or two while traveling can be uncomfortable. You should definitely bring a baby carrier with you to free your hands from holding your baby. This can come in useful especially when navigating airports or strolling around the street to explore new locales.
  • A hotel is your best friend when traveling with an infant. Don’t just settle on a single room, book a suite instead to give you space and comfort to the highest level. You can give yourself that much needed “me time” while putting your baby down in a travel crib. If you don’t have the budget to book a suite, travel cribs also work best in single rooms since they are compact and lightweight so it doesn’t take too much space. These cribs can also act as playpens which saves you trouble from baby-proofing every hotel room.
  • Traveling Tip #2: With School-Age Children

  • If you have school-age children with you, then traveling with them won’t be a problem. Just make sure that you included some activities that they’ll probably love to engage on in your vacation plan. This will benefit both you and your children because you’ll be exposed to activities that are also fun for adults and not just for kids.
  • Keep in mind that school-age kids can’t keep up the pace just like adults, so make sure to schedule a “rest day” where your kids can recharge. Fill this rest day with lots of sleeping and giving them healthy snacks to fuel their body. Don’t forget to create a backup plan just in case your kids get tired of walking while traveling.
  • Travel Tip #3: With Teens

  • This is the most challenging part of them all. Most teens prefer to go out with their friends instead of going on a vacation with their family. However, you can still go on a vacation with them by planning ahead of time. Ask them about their schedule and set a date where they are free. Keep in mind that being considerate about your teen’s schedule and interests can prevent angst during the trip.
  • Use your teen’s independence and freedom to your advantage. Let them explore the resort on their own, or let them have surfing lessons alone, etc. This will satisfy your teen’s desire for freedom while at the same time, giving you that much needed “kid-free” time that you’ve been wanting for. However, you still need to keep an eye on your teen though to ensure he/she is safe while on their own. This will strengthen your bond between you and your teen knowing that you still care for them even though they’re already being carried away by their own decisions in life.


So there you have it. Traveling with kids is an experience every family should definitely not miss. Sharing your travel adventures with your kids can strengthen your bond as a family, and they’ll probably take this travel trait with them when they get older.

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