Five Essential Tips for Winter Outdoor Homesteading

Winter is the most beautiful time of the year, not until you’re bombarded with heavy snowfalls combined with gusting winds that will sooner result into snow storms. It’s time to prepare your shovel to dig out that five feet of snow in your front door once you wake up in the morning. However, planning smartly ahead of time can prevent you from being caught from all of these winter chores. But how? Here are five tips down below to make your winter outdoor homesteading life much easier.

  • Elevate Outbuildings

  • Before winter strikes, take time to elevate all your sheds and outbuildings. This prevents them from getting snowed in which saves you time to get that shovel and dig doors out.
  • Rebuild Doors to Open Inwards

  • If elevating these outbuildings is not your thing, then change their doors to open inwards. A huge pile of snow will probably settle in your outbuildings after a heavy snowfall which prevents you from entering in. However, making their doors to open inwards can save you time from shoveling out that snow just to enter inside.
  • Change Your Door Closures

  • If the doors in your outbuildings are still stuck with old fashioned bolts for closures, then it’s time to replace them with a new one. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour just to open a door because of the closures freezing up due to ancient bolts.
  • Use Penetrating Oil

  • Penetrating oil work wonders to prevent your locks and bolts from seizing up. Spray them occasionally with a good penetration oil and say goodbye to door headaches.
  • Snowshoes

  • Of course it’s winter, the time where going outside seems like a battle of some sorts. Trying to clear the path only to be covered by snow again the next day. Moving around outside in the snow can be hard, not until you start wearing snowshoes. Snowshoes work no matter how deep the snow you’re walking in. Snowshoes gives you the ability to move faster in the snow while breaking trails as you go. Say goodbye to shoveling just to create paths, snowshoes are here to save the day.


All of these hard winter tasks can become easier as long as you prepare and work smartly. Take time to make these changes during summer and say goodbye to hassle when winter arrives.

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