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Ten Important Tips for Big Wave Surfing

If you’re a person that wants to go to the extreme, then you should definitely try big wave surfing. Playing around big waves is both fun and scary at the same time. In fact, a surfer will even take years before he/she can master to ride such massive waves that are up to 80 feet. Surfer Garett McNamara broke the world record for the largest wave ever surfed in the entire world by surfing a 78-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal. Fast forward to 2013, he broke his own record by surfing on a 100-foot wave in the same location.

If you want to try big wave surfing, then there are some important tips that you should know to improve your surfing skills and avoid getting into accidents throughout the activity. So what are they? Let’s take a look at them below!

  1. Flexibility is a Must

  • Improve your flexibility by doing yoga so that you’ll be able to move smoothly and freely while conquering those massive waves. Pilates is also a great alternative to get that body flexibility you’ve been wanting for.
  1. Stay On Your Diet

  • You won’t get far if you’re surfing with a tummy full of steaks. If you want to keep your body light and healthy, then eat plant-based foods and remain true to your diet. Be mindful of the foods you eat and consume the ones that are healthy and essential for your body and health.
  1. Practice Holding Your Breath

  • Holding your breath for a longer period of time is important for big wave surfing. If you can’t do it, then don’t bother going on into one. Try to practice holding your breath for 1 minute by standing still. If you’re done, try walking around while still holding your breath and test if you can achieve it.
  1. Go with the Flow of the Whitewash

  • If ever you’re caught in a whitewash, just go with it. If you try to break free from a whitewash, you might end up breaking something or even worse. Let the whitewash take you wherever it wants until it stops.
  1. Don’t Stop Paddling

  • Paddle as hard as you can if you want to catch good waves. You need to be careful though so that the waves can’t control you. You can practice paddling anywhere as long as its a body of water.
  1. Practice the Deep Duck Dive

  • Paddling out to the perfect spot while big wave surfing can be quite fun. Deep duck dive is one way to arrive safely on a wave you want to ride on. You can practice doing the deep duck dive anywhere in the sea before hitting out those massive waves.
  1. Fear is Normal

  • Experiencing fear is normal especially if you’re on a beach face to face with a 50-foot wave. But the most important thing to note here is that don’t let fear overtake you. Instead of backing out, learn how to face your fears to achieve new experiences. If you won’t, then why are you reading this article in the first place right?
  1. Study the Ocean

  • Before venturing out into the blue sea to catch some waves, be sure to study it first to avoid any harmful accidents that might happen later on. Are there sharks on that particular spot? Is the current flowing normal? Is it crowded or not? Make sure that you can answer these questions before you ride the waves.
  1. Don’t Surf Alone

  • This is important especially if you’re a beginner. You’re not the master of all things and you still have a long way to go yet, so make sure to bring a friend with you if you want to ride on those big waves. Bringing a friend ensures that someone can help you just in case something goes wrong. Your friend can also act as your tutor if he/she is already a pro into big wave surfing.
  1. Wipeout Like a Pro

  • Learning how to wipeout can not only help you become a better surfer, but it can also literally save your life. Don’t see every wipeout as a failure, but see it as a stepping stone to reach your surfing goals. Always remember to see your mistakes as a lesson to improve yourself.

Raoni Monteiro Suspended for Using Performance Enhancing Drugs (sarms) in Billabong Pipe Master

Late in the morning last Friday, May eight, the WSL posted a news release to their site saying that Brazilian surfer Raoni Monteiro was suspended for twenty weeks after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs that usually raise testosterone, much more commonly called PEDs or LGD 4033.

Based on the press release, that has flown under the surf world’s radar in the past 5 times, Monteiro tested positive while fighting at the Billabong Pipe Masters in December of season that is last. Monteiro is suspended after dec. 12 and has long been banned from fighting in virtually any WSL incidents until August of ’16. The WSL examinations surfers for PEDs at random during the entire season.

The press release stated Monteiro’s usage of PEDs was unintentional which he’s been completely cooperative in the investigation. “Subsequent investigations by the WSL Discipline Director received complete cooperation from Monteiro plus his representatives,” published the WSL. “The searching, inclusive of debate with the athlete, discovered that while the utilization of a Prohibited Substance was’ unintentional’ as well as recommended by a physician, Monteiro nevertheless violated the WSL Anti Doping Policy.”

“I made an insightful mistake,” Monteiro stated, “but you will find rules to watch and I smashed them. I’m looking ahead to working hard with time from competition, returning to my best and fighting once again next year.” It must be mentioned that at the realization of previous year’s Tour, Raoni didn’t requalify for the’ CT.

The WSL is prohibited from commenting on the actual compound that Monteiro had utilized. When asked the reason they waited 5 months to announce the suspension, the WSL’s Dave Prodan stated, “as it’s a major situation, the good test calls for a thorough exploration with the chance to react on their [Monteiro’s] end.”

Monteiro is not the very first expert surfer to test positive for PEDs. In 2005, Neco Padaratz was suspended from fighting in ASP occasions after he tested positive for anabolic steroids. Padaratz contended at time that the steroid he tested positive for was treating a regular back injury.


Buying a Surfboard Online vs In a Shop

With the development of the web, the simplicity as well as schedule of buying surfing items and purchasing surfboards of all kinds online has come to be an appropriate means to go shopping and purchase a brand-new board. Nonetheless, getting a surfboard at your local shop could be more suitable due to the fact that you could touch it, choose it and also feel it, and talk with a sales agent one-on-one. Then again, online still offers you tons of other products, for instance you could buy an outdoor recliner chair to sit in after surfing.

One downside might be that your neighborhood browse store could have a restricted supply of surfboards due to the fact that inventory requires huge money outlays. A lot of retail surf stores focus on clothes as their main item emphasis therefore lowering their surf board inventory to couple of types and designs. This is also real with a lot of online surf stores, but normally they do not need to carry inventory and also decline deliver their surf boards from a range of surf board shapers as well as manufacturers. There a probably a variety of retail surf shops within 10 to 20 miles of your browsing area, which can provide you even more of a possibility to acquire the surf board you are trying to find.

Online you have an extremely wide option of surfboards, possibly greater than you will have from your regional browse location. You can look for surfboards by type and design as well as by “on the internet surfboard shops” as well as you will certainly more than likely be able to locate a number of one-stop browse stores with a wide choices of good surf boards.

For many years, many people have actually ended up being too busy to go shopping for a surf board, bodyboard, or SUP at the neighborhood surf stores. It takes a great deal of examining and also time. Once you take the time as well as go to your regional browse shop, more often than not, the surf store will have a very restricted option, which indicates that you will certainly need to drive to an additional store in hopes of finding just what you desire. Another downside is that the sales personnel will certainly put pressure on you as well as try to push you to purchase one of their surf boards also if it doesn’t fit your demands. This is specifically real for the beginners and also novice surfboard bikers.

If you most likely to the neighborhood surf shop, try to talk to an elderly member of the sales personnel with great deals of browsing experience. You need someone with experience to guide you. Most of the surf shop sales personnel are young children with not too much surfing experience and also very little knowledge regarding surfboards and exactly what ought to be good for you the specific buyer.

Most of the browse shops sell surf boards and various other surfboard kinds and layouts that are generated by their regional shapers so options for the buyer are restricted. Some of these shapers make very good surf boards, but take care since you may end up with a surf board that is not fit for you. Normally, these shops are restricted by offered funds and maintain a minimum stock of surf boards on hand. They have large choices of tee shirts, board shorts, sweatshirts, storage tank tops and also other clothing items, which are their mainstream of profits. Surf stores today are generally clothes stores, not surfboard shops like they remained in the past.

Because the introduction of the web, on-line surfboard shops have entered into style. It has actually taken a long time for this to happen, yet slowly the general public has ended up being comfortable going online as well as searching for a surfboard of their picking. There are likewise several on-line surf board stores that will certainly give you a wide choice of surf board kinds and layouts.

You may likewise discover a regional surf store that brings the surfboard you are seeking, which will enable you to save money on shipping expenses and also really see the board you are acquiring. Sometimes you could locate a local browse shop that carries the surf board you are looking for, a lot of purchasers go on the internet to learn exactly what is readily available in their neighborhood stores.

If you understand what you desire and also don’t have to see or feel the surfboard, go on the internet where generally you could obtain a personalized surf board of the dimension, layout, as well as colors of your selection. You will certainly be in a digital browse store as well as the great thing is that, while you are purchasing your surfboard, you can purchase the surf board fins, leash, wax, as well as the apparel items you might need like a brand-new set of board shorts.

Considering that protection of settlements online has actually come to be risk-free and not a trouble, you can pay with your bank card when you make the purchase. It has taken years for most individuals to trust the internet when ordering products, specifically the baby boomers that really did not mature with the web. Now, it appears that practically everybody is buying products online ranging from vitamins to vehicles. Someplace in between are the surfboards and other surfing products.

Equally as there are retail local surf stores, there are online surf board companies providing a wide option for surf board types including soft and difficult surf boards, standup paddleboards (SUPs), bodyboards, skimboards, and custom surfboards. The exceptional business have a cross section of designer boards made by the much better well-known companies and also first-rate surfboard developers and shapers. They provide these surfboards in different sizes and the line of product to meet the ask for a lot of surf board buyers. If you desire a shortboard, you can discover it in any type of size you prefer. The exact same is true for bodyboards, skimboards and SUPs. If you desire a customized surfboard, you could get it.

If you reside in a remote area and are seeking any of the above mentioned surfboard types or layouts, buying online could be a big advantage. Most of the firms provide a home window where you could return their products if they do not suit your needs or if there is any type of delivery damage.

It is outstanding just how the sport of surfing has expanded to the interiors of our nation and those overseas. Individuals are surfing on manmade wave makers at browse parks, on lakes and rivers and practically anywhere there is water. As the sporting activity has actually expanded, there are an expanding number of inland retail surf shops, lots of included in the neighborhood showing off goods stores. If these stores are not offered, most likely to the internet as well as find an on the internet store.

If you select not to buy your brand-new surfboard from a retail surf shop, you will certainly discover that the online surf companies offer their item with a comprehensive explanation of each of their surf boards and searching products, which gives the purchaser a great feel for the board. Normally their prices is fair and also consistent with market standards as well as sometimes much better for the online shopper. Delivery is easy and also your new surf board has a restricted guarantee just as it would certainly at your neighborhood retail outlet.

One point that is essential when purchasing from an online surfboard business is to ask questions if you have any kind of. You need to likewise have the ability to talk to an expert. Every excellent web online business must have an expert on their personnel for you to consult. Before you speak to an on the internet browse company, do your homework before positioning your order.

6 Tips to Improve Your Surf Style and Look Like a Pro

Surfing is a sport that involves guts, confidence, and a good surf style. Surfing and surfing with style are two different things. To make an impression and look and feel good in the waves, you need to improve your surf style. These tips will help you get more out of your surfing.

1. Observe what other surfers do. Learn from your fellow surfers – the advanced ones and the less advanced ones. When you can identify what other surfers are doing well and poorly and compare it to what you are doing, you can learn a lot.

2. Ask someone to film your surfing. If you don’t see what you are doing, it is very difficult to improve. You need to have a look at what you’re doing, your technique, how you approach the waves, etc. and improve on those things.

3. Eat healthily and stay fit. If you are serious about your surfing, you need to stay healthy and fit. This is true for any sport, so start eating healthy and make sure you get enough exercise. This will definitely help you out there in the waves.

4. Do some research. Get a few books and videos of surfing. Study the videos and learn as much as you can. Read up on surf technique, different boards, style, etc. The more you know, the better you will train.

5. Continue surfing in winter. Surf throughout all the seasons. This will enable you to be ready when the great waves hit. Practice makes perfect and if you train in all types of weather, you will have no problem with any waves.

6. Train with a skateboard. Use the wheels and asphalt as an alternative training option. Practice your moves and tricks out of the water as well as in the water. This gives you an edge and more opportunity to practice.

These tips will help you get your surfing to the next level. It is also good to ask an experienced surfer to offer constructive criticism on your technique and style. This will help you improve.