Do you enjoy surfing? Ever wanted to learn to surf? Want to learn how to read the waves? Then you are at the right website. One Stop Surf is just that – your one-stop surf shop and surf instructor. You can find us in Newmilnes where we sell the best gear and can get you ready for your first surf or make sure you continue being rad in the waves. We source and supply surfing gear, boards, and other surfing merchandise from the best suppliers and sell them at the best prices.

This website is aimed at educating, sharing information, and giving tips on different things involved with surfing. One Stop Surf is a well-respected surf shop and a hang-out spot for the locals. We have been serving the local community and keeping kids off the streets for 10 years and will keep doing so. Surfing is a sport that many people enjoy or at least admire. In our community, surfing helps kids have something to keep them busy, help them reach their goals, and give them hope for the future. One Stop Surf is all about the community and about helping our local surfers reach their dreams.

Come and visit our shop or give us a shout at 077 7567 2913.