4 Tips to Consider Before Buying Your Next Surfboard

Surfing with the right board is like having super powers. Many surfers just stick with what they know, but their boards are not necessarily the best for them. I only found my perfect board when I borrowed a friend’s. I had been surfing with the wrong board for years. Today, surf shops are great because they actually have people who can identify the board that is most likely best for you. Before you buy your next board, consider these things. It may just change your whole surfing experience.

Get the right size board – To be able to surf with speed and little effort, you need to have a board with the correct height, width, volume, and thickness. Once you have the right magic numbers, you can surf on different brands and still be able to navigate turns and get the speed you want.

Don’t copy the pros – A lot of guys make the mistake of buying boards that professional surfers use. You have to remember that these guys are not only experts, but they surf in different waters than you. The boards they use will most likely not work for you. Rather do a proper measurement session and get a board that will float you and be good for you personally.

Take your board for a spin – When you get a new board, try and test it in the best conditions possible. You want to take your board out when it is guaranteed that it can shine and you can look good. A bad experience with a new board can spoil your whole day and you may not like the board.

Find a local shaper – A relationship with a good shaper is very important. Together, you will be able to get to that point where you have the perfect board. It will take time and you will need to be honest about your surfing ability, weight, etc. to help the shaper create the board that is best for you. Build a good relationship with your local shaper and you are on your way to getting the magic board you want.

It is also good to try a few new things now and then to give you a challenge and make sure that you still have the right board. Enjoy your board shopping!

Infographic by: www.totalsurfingfitness.com

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